Background: Artists and artist teams are invited to submit qualifications to the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority for consideration to create an original artwork design for the Admiral Boland Way Mural Project, to be sited along the San Diego International Airport’s interior roadway, adjacent to the Fixed Based Operator Building (FBO) and Wind Tunnel Building.

Opportunity Description: There is an opportunity to commission two Artists working in two-dimensional media including but not limited to painting, photography, graphic design, printmaking and drawing, to create original artwork designs to be reproduced as large-scale murals along the fence running parallel to the Wind Tunnel Building. The artwork design should add color and vibrancy to the site, and may include narrative or representational content or abstract elements distributed across the length of the mural. Content should be inspired by the airport site, and may reference the environmental conditions, culture and people, or histories of the region. Each mural will be 144’ wide by 6’ tall and will be on view for approximately 1 year. 

Funding: The two selected Artist(s) will each be compensated in a total amount not to exceed $5,500 for the artist fee, final artwork design, and digital file preparation. The budget does not include printing and installation. The Arts Program staff will facilitate reproduction of the artwork imagery by a separate contractor on a durable material suitable for outdoor display. Finalists will be compensated a flat fee of $500 to develop their proposals.  

Eligibility Requirements: This opportunity is open to both emerging and established professional, practicing Artists working in two-dimensional media including but not limited to painting, photography, graphic design, printmaking and drawing. Previous public art experience not required. San Diego-based artists are strongly encouraged to apply.


Artist Selection Panel: An Artist selection panel established by the Authority will evaluate the qualifications and short-list up to five Artist finalists. Said finalists will develop and submit a detailed proposal to the Authority. The panel will evaluate said proposals and conduct interviews. The panel will recommend up to two Artists to the Authority’s Arts Advisory Committee. 

Artist Detailed Proposal: Finalists will be asked to prepare a detailed proposal including:

· Narrative explanation of the Artist’s concept for the artwork project; and

· Sketches, renderings, or digital illustrations representing the Artist’s concept for the artwork project that fairly depicts the design, color, and intent of the artwork project;

Artist Selection Considerations

· Complete qualifications submitted prior to the application deadline.

· The Artist’s body of work reflects artistic excellence, innovation and originality.

· The Artist is able to clearly articulate strong conceptual priorities and artistic approach or vision.

· The Artist’s body of work is appropriate to the goals of the project.

· The Artist has adequate professional experience to meet the demands of the project including a combination of the following: education and training as an Artist, an exhibition record in museums, galleries and/or non-profit art spaces, previous public or private commissions, participation in artist residency programs, or other related activities indicative of a professional art practice.

· Assessed ability to meet project deadlines and to perform work in a timely and professional manner.

· Reference checks will be conducted for finalists.


Application deadline: December 9, 2019

Selection Panel Short List Complete: December 20, 2019

Applicant notification via email: Late December 2019

Finalist Interviews/Proposal Presentations: January 6-10, 2020

 Approval of selected artist(s) by 

Arts Advisory Committee: Late-January 2020

 Artist under contract: February 2020

 Anticipated installation: April 2020


All Artists are required to submit their qualification in the format specified below by Monday, December 9, 2019, 11:59 p.m. Qualification materials include:

1. Letter of Interest: Provide a short narrative explaining the level of interest and general philosophy or artistic approach as an Artist. 

2. Images: Limited to ten (10) images. Provide no more than ten (10) images of previous work. Applicants will be prompted to provide a brief description of each image detailing titles, date, media, and dimensions of artwork.

Websites and power point presentations will NOT be reviewed or considered in the evaluation/selection process.

3. Professional resume: Demonstrate professional history and skills, or experience as a professional working Artist. 

4. Professional References: Provide three (3) references. Include the following: name, organization/title, address, phone number, and email. It is the Artist’s responsibility to validate the contact information for references. 

*Only qualifications submitted through Submittable will be reviewed. 

Qualifications will not be accepted after the December 9, 2019, 11:59 p.m. deadline.


For questions about the opportunity, email


Required Forms and Agreements: Finalists will be required to execute the Authority’s proposal for artwork agreement and the successful artist(s) must execute the Authority’s Artist agreement. A draft version of the artist agreement is available at:

Rights Reserved by San Diego County Regional Airport Authority: The Authority reserves the right to choose no Artist to perform the requested services, as solely determined by the Authority. 

San Diego International Airport Arts Program